Felicia Ravenswood

Felicia "Raven" Ravenswood is a former student at Whistling Pines Junior High.  She was a character exclusive to the Purple Moon Place website and did not appear in any of the games.

Background Edit

Felicia's nickname comes from her black hair and her last name.  Because of the two, the other kids in her 2nd grade class began to call her "Raven", and the name stuck.

Raven's father, David James Ravenswood the 3rd, is a member of the diplomatic corps.  Before moving to Whistling Pines, he was assigned to a unspecified diplomatic position in Paris and brought his daughter along with him.  The two lived in, according to Raven, "a lovely little flat on the Rue de Nouveau Riche."  One day, while visiting one of the haute couture salons in the area, she was discovered by fashion designer Coulotte de Bouef and asked to model in a show showing off his/her fall fashion line.  Coulotte and her father also became close friends.  Five years later, David was assigned to oversee a trade agreement in the capital of the state that Whistling Pines is located in, causing him and Raven to move to the area.  Raven's family is very rich, allowing them to live in a mansion (complete with a ballroom and a private movie theater) and her to own designer clothes.

Besides her father, there is no mention anywhere of any other family members that Raven might have.

Personality Edit

Upon first impression, Raven is a very friendly and outgoing person.  She is nice to everyone and claims to enjoy having lots of friends with different interests.  When Nicole mentions The Ones to her, she turns her down, saying that she hates cliques and thinks they are too "confining".  However, in private, she is a very catty person and frequently insults the other students behind their backs.  She sees friends as a disposable commodity in order to both make her more popular and to get more names in her address book in order to win a contest.

Interests and Skills Edit

Raven could be considered a Mary Sue character.  Along with being a fashion model since at least 8 years old and knowing how to speak French, she is very knowledgeable about science and has received an award from a Paris science fair, is as good at chess as Miko, plays the keyboard, and writes and performs her own music.  Despite having such numerous talents, her biggest dream is to be a fashion designer.

Relationships Edit

Before the party she gives at her house, nearly everyone in Whistling Pines Junior High loves Raven:  Almost all of the girls frequently go to her house, borrow clothes from her, and gossip with her.  All of the boys are in love with her; with Cleve managing to take her out on a date and kiss her.  She thinks Mavis is a "pathetic little orc" and broke her glasses behind her back.  She tells Ginger this, which causes Ginger to stand up for Mavis and break off her friendship with Raven.  Rockett doesn't like her because she hits on Ruben, and Nakili and Sharla don't like her for unspecified reasons.  According to Raven, all of the Whistling Pines kids are a bunch of "geeks and freaks".

Raven's biggest enemy/rival, however, is Nicole.  While Raven is polite and only slightly cold to Nicole to her face, she thinks that Nicole is beneath her, jealous of her, and loves to do things just to upset her, such as going out with Cleve.

Raven's only "true" friend, according to her, is Maisie, another daughter of a diplomat that she met in Paris.  Though considering the contest the two have a contest with each other to fill up their address books, it's debatable whether or not the two are really friends.

Plot Edit

Purple Moon Place Edit

Raven was introduced on the site and interviewed in the February 2000 issue of The Whistler after she transfers to Whistling Pines Junior High in the middle of the year. She quickly makes a splash in the school's social scene and dethrones Nicole as the most popular girl in school, much to Nicole's chagrin.

After Nicole eavesdrops on Raven's conversations and learns about what she is saying about the other students, she teams up with Sharla and Mavis to expose her for the horrible person that she is.  Sharla manages to record one of Raven's phone conversations, and Nicole plays it in front of all of the kids from school at a huge party in Raven's mansion.  This causes all of the students to leave the party, leaving it completely empty 15 minutes later. Raven leaves the school shortly after.

According to The Whistler, Raven's perfect grades allowed her to take a special high school placement test. She passed it and went off attend Lace Woodby High School as a freshman.

Purple Moon Place Treasures Edit

Felicia's Address Book Edit

"My best friend in all the world is NOT one of the Ones, in case you didn't know! It's Maisie, a girl I met while I was living in Paris. Her father is in the diplomatic corps as well and so she moves around a lot, too. Anyway, we have a sort of contest going on, where the person with the most names and addresses in their book wins. After I started going to Whistling Pines Jr. High, I was SO enormously popular, that I added a TON of names to my book. That's made ME the winner so far! Now Maisie is going to have to move a couple more times to catch up. Who knows how long this will go on? I mean, even after we're both married, we could still be adding peoples' names. It's not like they have to be real friends or anything!"

Felicia's Raven Collection Edit

"Felicia "Raven" Ravenswood here! It's easy to see where I got my nickname, n'est-ce pas? Since my hair is black, and my last name is Ravenswood, kids started calling me Raven way back in second grade! Then everyone started giving me raven this and raven that -- so now I have a huge collection of raven things. Here are some of my favorites…hope you enjoy them as much as I do!"

Felicia's Clothes Closet Edit

"Every girl who comes to my house is simply stunned by the coolness of my closet. Mais oui! I'm sure there's no one else in this little backwater 'burb who can approach my collection of fashionable clothes -- not even that mail-order model wannabe, Nic "The Hick" Whittaker! But even though it's gratifying to see girls drooling over my closet, it's not like I can wear even a third of these outfits to WPJH! So it's kind of like having a fabulous diamond you have to keep locked up in a safe all the time. Sure it's great to have it, but what good is it if you can't ever WEAR it? Personally, I hope we move to New York or London next, so I can show off all my stuff before it becomes pathetically passé. Which means, SOON!!"

Felicia's Secret Memory Edit

"Every girl should have a juicy memory or two that she keeps private, don't you think? This is one of mine. Wouldn't Nicole just chop off her hair and become a hermit if she could have seen Cleve kissing me? It happened two weeks after I got to WPJH, when we went to the movies. I always pick a scary film, so I can act all, you know, scared and shivery. Then the boy always thinks I need protecting or something and puts his arm around me. Boys are SO easy to understand! Once I had Cleve just where I wanted him, all I had to do was turn and given him "that look." You know, the one where you lower your eyelashes, then look up again straight into his eyes like he was the only person in the whole world you could ever love. (sigh) It works every time! Well, almost…"

Felicia's Painful Prediction Edit

"When I first met Mavis, I swear I did NOT know if she was a girl or a boy! I mean, she's very peculiar-looking, don't you think? And this psychic-hotline-on-wheels routine she runs, where she just spouts off predictions about everybody? Well, it's not only stupid, it's just not TRUE! She had the nerve to tell me that I was a Gemini-feeling person because I had two faces on the same head! And that I would end up -- and I quote -- "like a lintball under the dryer of life." As if...! I told Ginger that I thought Mavis was just a pathetic little orc who needed attention so desperately she would come to school in her underwear. But -- get this -- Ginger actually stood up for her! So we're not friends anymore. Oh well...I was getting tired of Ginger anyway..."

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