The following is a list of characters from the 1990s Rockett series by Purple Moon.

Rockett Movado - the free-spirited protagonist of the series. Rockett is shown to be very talented in art and photography. She loves music, owls, wolves, and the color red. Rockett is known to be (at times) a bit dramatic and hot-headed. Rockett is the middle child, and her best friend is Meg O'Riley. Rockett keeps her middle name absolutely classified. Beginning in Episode 2, Rockett's Tricky Decision, Rockett begins to develop feelings for Ruben Rosales. Her birthday is July 11th. Rockett was voiced by Lindsey Andersen, Lauren Saffa and Jessica Crispi.

Jessie Marbella - In Rockett's New School, Jessie is the first person Rockett meets on her way to Whistling Pines. Jessie is soft-spoken, sensitive and kind. She loves Egyptology and animals. As the series continues, she and Rockett become close friends. In Rockett's First Dance, Jessie is shown to be talented at singing. It is implied that Jessie has a crush on Max Diamond. Her middle name is Kirsten, and her birthday is February 29th. Jessie was voiced by Jenna Johnson.

Ruben Rosales - Ruben is the lead singer/guitarist of his own band, Rebel Angels (previously DeBaser). He is very kind, and loves wrestling. He hates ego-trippers and his middle name is Antonio. He is left-handed. Although Ruben grew up with an abusive father, he is very confident and secure, and he states that he learned a lot from the experience, showing that someone else's view of him does not make him. In Rockett's Tricky Decision, in an attempt to comfort her, Ruben shared with Rockett that his dad was the one with the problem, not him. Ruben is also known to be a bit of a prankster. He refers to Rockett as "new girl," his personal pet name for her. Although obvious, it has been revealed on several occasions that Ruben has a crush on Rockett. Ruben is always the first to defend Rockett if she has any bad run-ins with Dana, teachers, or members of 'The Ones. He is constantly flirting with her, trying to impress her, and trying to win her attention. In Rockett's Secret Invitation, during the end credits, a photo of Ruben drawing a picture of Rockett is shown, and his song 'New Girl' is playing in the background. In Rockett's First Dance, Ruben will always wind up with Rockett in the end, regardless of the decisions the player has made. In the final Rockett game, Rockett receives an email from an anonymous sender telling of Ruben's feelings for her. Ruben's birthday is May 11th. He was voiced by Jake Schreier (credited as Jacob Stacey-Schreier).

Mavis Wartella-Depew - Mavis is a bit of an oddball student. She carries around things like elf runes, and usually shows up in the midst of awkward situations. She's known to be "a little strange". On Rockett's first day, Mavis approaches Rockett, and immediately takes a liking to her, and later gives her a special good-luck charm. Throughout the series, Mavis is constantly trying to help Rockett out in any way, at any time. Mavis is also known to be a bit of a cupid, usually teasing or coaxing Ruben Rosales about Rockett, or vice versa (being the die-hard "shipper"). Mavis is zany, uncordinated, and shown to be very bad at making music. Her birthday is on October 31st, halloween. Mavis was voiced by Audrey Chung, Dionne Quan and Claire Plumb.

Meg O'Riley - Rockett's childhood best friend who is always there to give Rockett advice when she needs it most. Meg was voiced by Alene Gabriel and Jamie Bafus. *Note: After Mattel bought the company, Meg's last name was changed to "Durrand".

Arnold Zeitbaum - Arnold 'Zitbomb' as his classmates often call him is the school's super-nerd. He usually talks about science-related subjects or odd video game titles that no one has ever heard of. He is a self-proclaimed member of the Purple Orchid. Despite the fact that Arnold and Mavis Depew are the two biggest nerds at Whistling Pines, they both cannot stand each other, and often get into arguments. Arnold has had crushes on many of the girls at Whistling Pines including Nicole and Whitney. His laugh is almost 95% snort. Arnold's middle name is Keller, and his birthday is February 2nd. Arnold was voiced by Taylor McCluskey.

Miko Kajiyama - a friendly super-student, Miko is shown to greatly excel in school, constantly trying to be at the top of the class. She is one of the three members of an elite school group, The CSGs, along with Nakili Abuto and Dana St. Clair. She first meets Rockett in art class, and although she takes an instant liking to her, the two get into a feud about Rockett becoming the newest member of the yearbook staff (a position Miko had been eyeing). Miko has a crush on her art teacher, Mr. Rarebit. Miko's middle name is Peony. She is of Japanese-descent, and her birthday is November 30th. Miko was voiced by Jasmine Yep.

Nakili Abuto - a hip, fun-loving girl whom Rockett meets on the first day of school (along with Miko Kajiyama) in art class. Nakili belongs to the CSG clique, and takes the group quite seriously. Nakili is usually the first to break up any arguments between Rockett Movado and Dana St. Clair. She is of African-descent. She also has a crush on Chaz Franklin. Her middle name is Leilani and her birthday is December 15th. Nakili was voiced by Vanessa Holman.

Dana St. Clair - Dana meets Rockett on Rockett's first day at Whistling Pines. Dana immediately does not like her, perhaps because the two girls' outfits look almost identical, although it's probably because of Rockett's increasing popularity. She often gets jealous of Rockett, afraid that her best friends, Nakili and Miko will like Rockett better. Bored and bratty, Dana's often just waiting for situations to embarrass Rockett. She often teases her about Ruben, much to Rockett's irritation. Despite her mischievous exterior, deep down, Dana really does like Rockett and thinks her to be one of the coolest new people in school (as mentioned in Rockett's Tricky Decision). Dana is also a member of the CSG's. Her middle name is Victoria, and her best friend is Ginger Baskin. Dana's birthday is December 9th. She was voiced by Hilary Hulteen.

Nicole Whittaker - (see wiki)

Stephanie Hollis - Stephanie Renee Hollis is Nicole Whittaker's best friend, as well as a member of 'The One's, and one of the most popular girls in school. Stephanie excels at track and loves makeup and animals. It is implied that there might be a possible romance between her and Chaz Franklin. She is of African-American descent. Her birthday is July 8th. Stephanie was voiced by Anastacia McPherson and Anais Morgan.

Whitney Weiss - another one of Nicole's closest friends (and her walking partner to Nicole's locker). A dedicated member of 'The Ones', Whitney is often seen trying to make others who are not in the group feel inferior, although her character begins to soften as the series continues. When she's not with Nicole and Stephanie, she'll usually be hanging around Rockett or Cleve Goodstaff. Her middle name is actually Whitney, and her first name (which she does not go by) is revealed to be Barbara. Whitney's parents are divorced, and her mother lives in Austria. Her birthday is October 5th. Whitney was voiced by Morgan Kibby.

Cleveland 'Cleve' Goodstaff - Although Cleve is often overly-conceited and arrogant, he is shown to have a surprisingly laid-back character, often playing peace-maker between The Ones and Rockett. He is one of the most popular boys in school, along with Max Diamond and Chaz Franklin. Cleve is very tall, making him good at various sports. Cleve was supposed to be in highschool, but he was held back. He is also quite a flirt, usually flirting with Rockett or Nicole. He has an on-again, off-again relationship with a highschool model named Cindy Bright. Cleve sometimes hangs out with Ruben Rosales. His birthday is April 13th. Cleve was voiced by Jeff Wiesen, Eric Weinstein and Ben Watson.

Chaz Franklin - Charles "Chaz" Clay Franklin is one of the most popular boys in school, but he doesn't usually let the fame go to his head. Cool and collected, Chaz enjoys making others feel welcome. It is implied that he is the Whistling Pines' famed secret mascot, the Pine. His dad is in the military, so he is able to sympathize with Rockett on account of her being the new kid. He was once involved with a girl named Princilla Jordan, whom he met at the African American Leaders meeting. His best friends include Cleve Goodstaff and Max Diamond. Chaz is of African-American descent. He was voiced by Khafre James.

Max Diamond - usually hangs with his pals Cleve and Chaz, and is one of the most popular boys in school. Rockett regards him as someone who "is nicer than he wants to be." Max is known for throwing amazing parties, and he is shown to be a tad sneaky. For example, in Rockett's First Dance, he is caught cheating by stuffing the ballots for King & Queen Of Hearts. Max often means well, but his mischievous nature sometimes gets the better of him. He has a crush on Jessie Marbella, and has more than once gone to extreme measures to get together with her. Max's middle name is Mitchell. He was voiced by Ezra J. Stanley (credited as Ezra Stanley).

Wolf DuBois - Rockett first meets Wolf in detention, where she helps him with his homework. At first, Wolf worries about his dyslexia, but Rockett later assures him that it has "nothing to do with intelligence". Wolf is the strong, silent-type, loves to cook, and has a number of female admirers including Nicole Whittaker and Arrow Mayfield. Wolf enjoys hanging out at his family's restaurant, DuBois Grille, and has hosted parties at the restaurant. He strongly supports his best friend, Ruben Rosales', crush on Rockett Movado. He is of Native-American and French-Canadian descent. Wolf's full name is Wolf Stephenson Strong Antlers Dubois. His birthday is January 15th. Wolf was voiced by Pedro Gomez.

Arianne 'Arrow' Mayfield - "Arrow" as she calls herself, is a talented singer-songwriter and aspiring musician. She loves music, and has organized her own band, Arrow & The Explorers, consisting of herself, Viva and Ginger. Although she's shown to be extremely right-brained, Arrow completely lacks talent in art, and in Rockett's Tricky Decision, she openly introduces herself and asks for Rockett's artistic help. She has a crush on Wolf DuBois, and is shown to get jealous easily if she sees him with any other girl. Her middle name is Linda. Arrow is of Native-American descent. Arrow was voiced by Kyra Kozlenko and Veronica Thaanum.

Viva Cortez - A character who first appeared in the Secret Paths series, Viva is one of Arrow's closest friends and band mates. Viva is vivacious, and very good at making music. She is also a talented dancer. When Viva is first introduced into the series, she has a heavy accent, and she is of Puerta Rican descent. Viva was voiced by Avellan Nydia and Jessica Fairwell.

Ginger Baskin - Regina "Ginger" Baskin is the third member of the band 'Arrow & The Explorers'. Ginger is best known for her cropped, red-ginger hair and musical personality - despite the fact that she has extreme-stage fright. Ginger is great at soccer and jewelry making. Her best friends are her bandmates, Arrow and Viva, and CSG Dana St. Clair. She and Rockett become close in the last game in the Rockett series, Rockett's Camp Adventures. Ginger was voiced by Arianna Getz and Christina Brigida.

Darnetta James - another character who appeared in the Secret Paths series. Darnetta is on the Whistling Pines yearbook staff. She is good friends with Jessie Marbella. Darnetta's locker doesn't appear in the Hidden Hallway until the third game. Although she can be a little bit shy at times, Darnetta performed her own solo at the school dance, alongside Arrow & The Explorers. She has a crush on Chaz Franklin. Darnetta was voiced by Kashiko Omdahda.

Sharla Rae Norvell - Sharla is a stereotypical "bad girl" - she smokes, attends wild parties, ditches class, and is almost always complaining. She usually gets into heated arguments with The One's leader, Nicole, and on one occasion, a student ending up getting lost because of it. Sharla is rebellious, and ever-the prankster. Despite her nature, Sharla is shown to be an extremely talented poet, and she is one of many who enjoy Rockett's company, even telling Rockett in Rockett's First Dance that she and her friend Bo stashed some extra votes in for her to be queen. Sharla hates the entire popularity scale, and thinks people are ignorant for following it. Sharla loves animal print, and her best friend is Bo Pezanski. It is implied that Sharla shares the role of the Pine with fellow classmate, Chaz Franklin. She has feelings for her pen-pal, Nigel, who lives in England. Sharla was voiced by Kristin Wheel.

Bo Pezanski - Bo is the Whistling Pines' hall moniter and takes his job very seriously. He can usually be seen hanging around Sharla Norvell. He has a soft spot for Jessie Marbella, and thus, can't stand Max Diamond. Despite the fact that Bo doesn't do very well in school, he is actually very intelligent at computer hacking, and created a virus in the school's system by himself. After the first Rockett game, Bo's character art was changed. His original look appears in Rockett's New School exclusively. Bo is a minor character, and usually talked about more than he is seen. He was voiced by Matt Groshong.