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Rockett in Rockett's Tricky Decision

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Rockett's World

Each of Rockett's adventures act as a type of visual novel, except for the fact that there are no words that appear on the screen as the story unfolds. In each episode, the player is able to access the Hidden Hallway to find a greather depth to each of the characters at Whistling Pines. In the Hallway, there are lots of secrets to explore, journals and notes to read, and even secrets to discover inside the teacher's lounge. When the player is finished with the Hallway, they can click the Rockett icon on the bottom of the screen and return back to the game. Perhaps the most significant detail in the visual novels is the ability to make decisions for Rockett that can ultimately twist and turn the story's events or allow her to make certain friends. For example, the player can choose to make Rockett face a decision confidently, angrily, or nervously, which would in turn effect the situations Rockett will face. However, the only control a player has in the episode (other than checking out lockers, notes, email, etc) is choosing which emotion they would like Rockett to display. Characters reactions change back and forth between emotions, however, they do not change based off of choices (ie, Nicole will still be the mean girl, regardless of how Rockett treats her, Jessie will still befriend Rockett, Ruben will still like Rockett, etc). Ultimately, selecting different choices will reveal more of the story.

Rockett's World Books

There were also six novels that were released into the Rockett's World library. However, due to the fact that Mattel had already taken over the Purple Moon company (prior to the novels), the books do not follow the events of Rockett's adventures, nor do they stay true to the original storylines. Characters were also heavily changed.

Who Can You Trust? (Rockett's World Book #1) (8/28/1999)

What Kind Of Friend Are You? (Rockett's World Book #2) (8/28/1999)

Are We There Yet? (Rockett's World Book #3) (11/1/1999)

Can You Keep a Secret? (Rockett's World Book #4) (1/28/2000)

Where Do You Belong? (Rockett's World Book #5) (3/1/2000)

Who's Running This Show? (Rockett's World Book #6) (5/28/2000)

Rockett's World Trivia

  • Rockett's school, Whistling Pines, was originally named, "Tall Pines Junior High (TPJH)."
  • Brenda Laurel, creator of Rockett, went on a nationwide search, (prior to the series) conducting a research experiment of young boys and girls to analyze behavior and study play patterns.
  • Whitney Weiss' original character name was "Kimberly."
  • Miko and Nakili were almost named "Katrina" and "Evie."
  • The third episode of Rockett introduces players to Mavis' "truth glasses." When activated, the current scene will freeze, and players get a chance to hear what the characters are really thinking. However, rewinding the scene will trigger more and more thoughts, thus revealing more of the story.
  • 4 "Adventure Friends" pose-able Rockett dolls were released prior to Mattel purchasing the company: Rockett, Nicole, Nakili & Mavis.

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