Rockett's Adventure Maker is a computer game for girls published by Purple Moon.
Rockett's Adventure Maker

Box art for 'Rockett's Adventure Maker'

In Adventure Maker, players can play through three different gaming modes:

Yearbook - here the player can read up on bios of each of the Whistling Pines students, as well as edit the bios of their own character creations. Note that only completed characters will be available to view in the yearbook.

Make A Friend - players can choose from body types, skin colors, faces, clothing and more to create their very own original characters.

Make An Adventure - choose a background, characters, props and more. Players can create their own WP scenarios, and even make stories with their own characters.


Designer...Andrea Futter

Producer...Leah Antignas

Art Director...Grace Chen

Developed in Collaboration with...ImageBuilder Software

Product Researched by...Cheskin Research

Created by...Brenda Laurel

Design Team...Leah Antignas, Julz Chavez, Grace Chen, Scott Crabtree, John Dabritz, Andrea Futter, Branda LAurel, Steven Louie Jr., Kristee Rosendahl, and Catherine Veraghen