Rockett's Secret Invitation is a visual novel computer game and the third installment in the Rockett series. It was developed and published by Purple Moon in 1998.
Rockett's Secret Invitation

Box art for 'Rockett's Secret Invitation'


During the wintertime, Rockett receives an exclusive invitation to become an official member of one of Whistling Pines' most elite cliques, The Cool Sagittarius Girls! Problem is, Rockett is no Sagittarius. In fact, her birthday isn't even in December - it's in the summer. Rockett must decide whether or not to confront the group and tell them that the jig is up. Meanwhile, Ruben nervously struggles with whether or not he should give Rockett the present he bought her for Christmas. The choices that the player makes along the way determine the outcome of Rockett's situations, as well as whether or not she will even get into them. Detention, exclusion, acception - all of these Rockett very well may have to face just before winter break starts. What will you decide?

Truth Glasses

The truth glasses are a new feature made exclusive for Rockett's Secret Invitaion. The glasses will appear randomly in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen in the locker icon. When the player clicks, the scene will pause and the player will be transported to the Hidden Hallway, where they can search various lockers and listen for clues to find the glasses. Once the player has obtained the glasses, they can use them to read the thoughts of the characters.

Hidden Hallway

As with other Rockett games, the player can access The Hidden Hallway, at any time in the game to check out student's lockers, the yearbook office, and even the teacher's lounge.

Hidden Scene

To trigger the hidden scene, the player must select the options where Rockett is displaying the best attitude (confident choices) all throughout the game, until the very last choice. Upon choosing all of the confident choices, the player must choose the third option, which is the last choice in the game the player can make. A scene involving Ruben and Rockett will occur just after the final scene in the game.


Director...Lee Marrs

Sound Director...Lisa Kadet Kuhne

Associate Producer...Diane M. Papas

Creative Director...Pamela Dell

Producer...Paula Larsen Moore

Writer...Pamela Dell

Voice Talent

Rockett...Lauren Saffa

Viva...Jessica Fairwwell

Mavis...Audrey Chung

Mr. Baldus/Mr. Pill...Patrick Flick

Meg...Arlene Gabriel

Ginger...Ariana Getz

Wolf...Pedro Gomez

Bo...Matt Groshong

Nakili...Vanessa Holman

Dana...Hilary Hulteen

Jessie...Jenna Johnson

Whitney...Morgan Kibby

Arrow...Veronica Thaanum

Mrs. Tinydahl...Christianne Hauber

Arnold...Taylor McCluskey

Stephanie...Anais Morgan

Mr. Rarebit...Michael Edo Keane

Mrs. Herrera...Fannie Lee Lowe

Ruben...Jacob Stacey-Schreier

Max...Ezra Stanley

Nicole...Jodie Van Horn

Darnetta...Kashiko Omdahda

Sharla...Kristin Wheel

Jasmine Yep...Miko

Ms. Chen...Lorri Holt

Chaz...Khafre James