Rockett Movado
Rockett Movado

Full Name

Rockett Movado


New Girl (Ruben)


Jul 11th (Cancer)


One Older Sibling
One Younger Sibling



Best Friend

Meg O'Riley

Love Interest

Ruben Rosales

Voice Actor(s)

Lindsey Andersen
Lauren Saffa
Jessica Crispi

Appears In

Rockett's New School
Rockett's Tricky Decision
Rockett's Secret Invitation
Rockett's First Dance
Rockett's Camp Adventures

Rocket Movado is a new student at Whistling Pines Junior High. She is in the 8th grade. She is the protagonist of the Rockett series. Her Birthday is July 11th.


Rockett is a middle child. Her parents are both artists. Her mother does coligraphy work and her parents are a huge influence on her interest in Art. Rockett is also a middle child in her family. The rest of her family does not appear in the series. 


Rockett is known for being a free spirit. Although she has shown interest in different cliques at the school, ultimatley Rockett is not a member of any of them. Because of her individuality, Rockett is positivley precieved by many of her class mates and makes many friends of all different social backgrounds when coming to school. This has also caused spite and hints of jealousy from some people including Nicole Whittaker of The Ones and Dana St. Clair of the CSG's. Rockett, who's family comes from a art background is known for her art skills as well. She designed the school dance decorations in Rockett's First Dance. She is also known for her interest in photography. She loves music, owls, wolves, and the color red. Sometimes Rockett can be (at times) a bit dramatic and hot-headed, both are which traits that Cancers show due to their sensitivity. 


Aside from being on good terms with most of the Student Body, Rockett has a best friend back home by the name of Meg O'Riley. Meg appears in spirit to Rockett during times of stress or confusion. Often providing a good concious in which Rockett can make better decisions. 

During Rockett's Tricky Decision, it becomes known that Rockett has a interest in Ruben Rosales. Many situations in the series and hints are thrown around suggesting that the feelings from Ruben are mutual. In Rockett's First Dance, Ruben ends up with Rockett at the end of the episode, regardless of the decisions chosen by the game player. During the next and final installment of the Rockett series, Rockett's Camp Adventures, Rockett receives an email from an anonymous sender telling of Ruben's feelings for her.